Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fairy Garden

During the heat of the summer it's kind of fun to sit in the shade and use your imagination....

A fairy garden is a great way to express your inner child or even better create one with your favorite little ones!  The first thing in creating a fairy garden would be to find a container.  I prefer one that is a not to tall so that kids can look right into it.   For this fairy garden I used a whiskey barrel.
Fill it with soil and leave about 3 inches of space to the top of the container.  After collecting your fairy friendly materials (stones, moss, mushrooms, bark and plants) then you want to think about the layout.  I thought it would be nice to have a stone pathway that would lead the through the garden.  It was also important to plant some flowers and plants.  Keeping in mind they need to be very small.  I found some gomphrena plugs that didn't make it into the cutting garden and a little echeveria from our terrarium workshop, an asparagus fern, pin cushion plant and a variegated English ivy.

I also thought it would be cute to include this little house. From what I understand fairies love little jewels and sparkly things.  So with some spanish moss I created a tiny nest for our offerings.

With a hot glue gun I glued some legs onto this table.  So they can sit and rest their little fairy wings.

This little trellis was a fun addition to grow some mini vines on.

We offered a pool/ small terricotta saucer for them to cool off in. 

To finish it off and give it a natural feel we placed some moss on top of the soil.  Don't forget to water! So far our young Calgo customers and have really enjoyed the the garden!  We hope the fairies and garden gnomes do as well!