Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Harvest Topiary

We would love to share with you how we created our Harvest Topiary.
First we found a beautiful pot that would match the scale of the topiary.
We collected the materials.  Including grape vine, bittersweet vine, an assortment of gourds, cabbage, pansies, lotus pods, and branches from viburnum, clethra, Japanese maple.  We also needed some soil, moss, and a metal obelisk to create the topiary.
After prepping the pot with soil we began wrapping the grapevine around the metal obelisk.
We added moss to the inside of the grapevine and planted things as we worked our way up the topiary.
We continued to wrap the vine around and around.
We added soil along the way.  That way we could plant some living things like cabbage and pansies.
In order to keep the gourds from falling off of the topiary, we pierced them with small wooden stakes. 
Here is a close up of the gourds in the topiary.
We continued wrapping and planting until we got to the top.
We used a small amount of brown wire to attach the grapevine to the top of of the metal obelisk.  Finally we put the finishing touches on. Which included our branches and berries of fall color. 

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